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The Cacophonix website was launched back in 2003 and over the years many customers have been kind enough to say nice things about us. Here is just a small selection...

"Well, you were a definite hit at the wedding yesterday with your arrangements ... Mike the violist, was thrilled to have a tune, as was Bettina the 2ndviolinist!...For the cocktail hour most of the music was comprised of your arrangements... I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have them..." Jane.

"I have so far truly enjoyed my Cacophonix arrangements..." Wim.

"You composed two songs for our wedding. Thank you so much, they sounded wonderful. I also wanted to let you know that the lady in charge of the group that played at our wedding loved your website. She thanked me for telling her about you. Just thought I would pass that along..." Chandra

"Thanx so much for the newer version. My quartet just loves the readable arrangements. Big hit at receptions..." Stacey

"...I can't find any other arrangement out there for either piece, and my quartet loved the arrangements I bought from you guys earlier." Jennifer.

"Thanks - that did the trick. I have seen quite a few of your arrangements in a couple of quartet pads - it' s a great resource! Cheers..." Sara.

"I love so many of your string quartet arrangements - especially the pop arrangements. Most of the casual jobs in Las Vegas call for string trio, however. Will you be doing more arrangements for trio? Please, please, please. Your arrangements are always the hit of the evening." Sharon.